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Car accidents are more likely with fast music playing

Do you like to listen to heavy metal or punk rock while you drive, rather than jazz or classical music? If so, some researchers believe that you could be more likely to get into a car accident in California. They have found that faster music increases the odds that a crash will occur.

In fact, one researcher said that it could even double the likelihood of an accident.

Working with an insurance company after a bicycle accident

If you are injured in a bicycle accident that was not your fault, you may think that it is pretty clear that the insurance company should pay for your expenses. You could be looking at the small cost of replacing the bike and the much larger costs of medical treatment, rehab, a hospital stay, and the like.

However, what a lot of people find is that insurance companies are not always willing to work with you in a quick, easy fashion. Instead, they may deny your claim and tell you that they do not have to pay; even if they do pay, it may be far less than you feel that you should get. In fact, depending on the situation, you may feel like the insurance provider is actively searching for any excuse to deny the claim, no matter how much weight it holds.

Motorcycle accident deaths show dangerous trend

A motorcycle accident can, in many cases, lead to a fatality more easily than a car accident since the rider does not have the physical body of the car to protect him or her in the crash. The rider also does not have other safety features, such as airbags and the like. Even when safety gear—such as a helmet—is used, the rider in California is very exposed.

In fact, a recent study that was reported on by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that the amount of fatalities was actually on the rise in two recent years. Specifically, it went up by seven percent between 2011 and 2012.

What dogs may attack in California that you'd least suspect?

To find out which dogs were the most dangerous, the American Veterinary Medical Association did a study to look at all of the fatalities that were linked to dog attacks. While some of the names on the list may not shock you, it is worth noting that there were some surprising inclusions.

For example, at number 10 on the list is the St. Bernard. This dog is largely famous because of the St. Bernard that played Beethoven in the film of the same name, and they are, for the most part, rather kind and friendly. However, they are also huge, which makes them potentially dangerous. The study found that they had caused seven fatalities.

Dog bites in California can have a life-long impact

Sometimes, people have a tendency not to take dog bites seriously, thinking that they just result in minor injuries that require little more than a Band-Aid. While this may be true in minor incidents, the fact of the matter is that many dog attacks in California can have a life-long impact on those who are assaulted.

In particularly vicious attacks, people can even be killed. This is something that happens to both adults and children.

Though careful, truck drivers experience many big rig accidents

Studies have been done to see if truck drivers are more or less careful than other drivers, and the results have often shown that truck drivers do more than the average driver to be cautious and safe on the road. This makes sense, seeing as how accidents can have a drastic impact on their careers. However, despite this care, studies have shown that these drivers are involved in many accidents.

The U.S. Department of Transportation reported the data for 2006, and it showed that there were 106,000 injuries and 4,995 fatalities from truck accidents in that one year alone.

Helmets make a difference with bicycle accident injuries

As children, it seems that everyone was told while learning to ride a bike that wearing a helmet was a must. For adults, though, these safety devices are often ignored. There are many reasons for this, from a general sense that helmets are uncomfortable and "uncool" to the fact that adults are more confident in their skills as riders.

However, not all accidents can be avoided. When looking at bicycle accidents involving cars, for example, you'll find that the motorists cause many of the crashes. These are often the most dangerous crashes of all, and they are not incidents that even the most skilled riders can completely rule out.

Dog bite data from the World Health Organization

The World Health Organization reports that animal bites are a large cause of injury and even death all around the world. Near the top of the list are snake bites, which impact up to five million people every year.

However, dog bites rank even more highly, with worldwide reports showing that injuries sustained each year could be in the tens of millions. While it is fair to say that many snake bites are more dangerous due to their venom, the frequency with which people are bitten by dogs may take some people by surprise.

Shooting and car crash hurt multiple people near Sacramento

Multiple people were recently injured near Sacramento, California, during a shooting that was tied to a number of car accidents. One person was injured by the initial shot, which struck him in the arm, and other people were then hurt in the car accidents shortly after that shooting. A pregnant woman was a passenger in the car in which the shooting victim was traveling, but authorities are saying that she was not hurt.

In fact, none of the injuries were life-threatening, despite the scope of the incident.

Must you wear a motorcycle helmet in California?

Helmet laws for motorcyclists are decided by the state governments, not the federal government, so they can differ vastly from one state to the next. They are also subject to change at times; for example, Michigan used to have laws dictating that helmets had to be used, but the state recently dropped that law so that they no longer do. If you live in California or if you plan on riding through, do you need to have a helmet on?

In short, you absolutely do. California law states that all people who ride motorcycles must wear them, and there are no exemptions. Unlike some states, which only require those under 18 to wear them, California has a law making it so that people of all ages have to use them.

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