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Deliveryman bit by pit bull in West Sacramento

When many people think about the responsibilities tied to having a dog for a pet, they only consider things such as walking the dog and providing food and water. The reality however, is that when one owns a dog, he or she has certain responsibilities toward society as well.

Earlier this week a deliveryman sustained a dog bite in West Sacramento while doing his job. The incident occurred north of Sacramento Avenue on Elder Drive after two dogs approached the man from a driveway.

According to the deliveryman, one of the two dogs bit him. The animals then ran away. He reportedly attempted to locate the owners of the animals but was unsuccessful. It was not clear that the owner of dogs lived at the house adjacent to the driveway the dogs came down.

Both dogs were described as pit bulls. The one that actually bite the deliveryman was reportedly a brown brindle with ears that are cropped. The second dog was black and white.

Currently, both the police and animal services are looking for the animals. It is important to locate them so that it can be confirmed that the animals have been vaccinated. They reportedly also want to make sure that the animals are with their owner and not running free.

The extent of the man's injuries is not known. Based on the fact that he attempted to locate the dogs' owners after the incident, it is likely that the injuries were not serious. This is a fortunate turn of events. Dog bites can result in serious injuries to the person who is attacked. After a wound heals, it is not uncommon for bad scars to be left behind. In a serious dog mauling people have even been known to die.

Source: FOX 40, "Officers Looking for Dogs After Deliveryman Bitten," Sam Cohen, Feb. 15, 2012

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